Esi-Clean Shower and Drain Traps

Congratulations. You’ve landed on our site because you’re looking for the best in bathroom and plumbing supplies. Something that looks good. Something that’s built to last. Something that’s kinder to the environment. Something more.

That something more is the Esi-Clean Waste Trap. These easy to install drains can be used in showers, urinals, floors, patios or anywhere that requires a drain cover to prevent blockages and reduce unpleasant smells.

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Save time, save money

Our Esi-Clean Waste Traps save time and money by removing the need to dig into the ground or get under floors to remove blockages. If the drain blocks, it can be cleaned easily by unscrewing the stainless-steel top, removing the obstruction, then screwing the top back on.

Better for the Environment

Our stylish, modular design allows you to replace individual parts, rather than requiring a completely new waste trap. They’re also made from metal, making them more durable and more environmentally friendly than plastic alternatives.

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Our story

Esi-Clean Waste Traps are produced by Kimberley Tool & Design at our factory in Waihi.

We are toolmakers and manufacturing engineers, and are proud to be the sole manufacturer and distributor of the iconic Esi-Clean Waste Traps.

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Why choose our Esi-Clean Waste Traps

Easy to clean

Our removable stainless-steel top makes it easy to maintain a block-free drain.

Environmentally friendly

Replace individual parts, rather than throwing out the whole trap.

Proven design

The Esi-Clean Waste Trap has been around since the 1950s.