Dome top traps allow solid waste such as cigarette butts, chewing gum and perfume cubes to become trapped in a urinal trough without blocking water flow.

Traps installed in urinals that build up with uric salts can be easily disassembled and cleaned, preventing blocked drains and removing the need to dig up concrete floors to unblock drains.

The Esi-Clean Waste Trap design places the water seal at the highest point of water outflow, minimising any smell.

These traps are available flanged or unflanged. The flanged version is ideal for fitting into a concrete floor as it can be set and indented into the ground, while the unflanged version is ideal for welding into a stainless steel urinal tray. The outer bowls used for our Urinal Bottom Exit Waste Traps are the same dimensions as those used for our Shower Bottom Exit Waste Traps.